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Secular Sunday Service

June 16, 2024, 11 am

All welcome.

Hybrid in-person & online.

Theme: Critical Thinking

Speaker: Kenneth Bauer

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New Member Meeting

We hold new member welcome meetings once every quarter. Our next meeting is planned for June 26, 2024. Join our Meetup group for updates.

Who We Are

The Humanist Being is a nonprofit organization dedicated to critical thinking, scientific reason, as well as empathy and a call to serve and uplift our neighbors.

We are secular Humanists. Our values and vision are based on the observable world and on scientific principles. We value living the examined life and loving the people we are with. We find hope for the future in the work we are doing now. We are against dogma of any kind. Click here for an informal video about developing our vision .

We follow 12 Ethical Commitments that represent our shared humanistic values and principles.

Our 12 Ethical Commitments

  1. Empathy - I will consider other people’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences. (JAN)
  2. Humor - I will use humor to bring new perspectives and to help myself and others heal. (FEB)
  3. Global Awareness - I will be a good neighbor on the Earth and help make it a better place for everyone. (MAR)
  4. Social Justice - I will help people solve problems and handle conflict in ways that are fair for everyone. (APR
  5. Critical Thinking - I will practice good judgment by asking questions and thinking for myself. (MAY)
  6. Environmentalism - I will take care of the Earth and the life on it. (JUN)
  7. Responsibility - I will be a good person and own the consequences of my actions. (JUL)
  8. Altruism - I will help others in need without hoping for rewards. (AUG)
  9. Communication - I will listen with an open mind, ask questions, and speak only for myself. (SEP)
  10. Ethical Development - I will always focus on becoming a better person. I will learn from my mistakes. (OCT)
  11. Humility - I will be aware of my strengths & weaknesses, and appreciate the strengths & weaknesses of others. (NOV)
  12. Service - I will help my community in ways that let me get to know the people I’m helping. (DEC)

Revised January 2024. Adapted from The Ten Commitments, American Humanist Association.

Schedule of Events

June 26,


7:00 pm EDT

New Member Meeting. We hold new member welcome meetings once every quarter. Our next meeting is planned for June 26, 2024 at the Rotary Park Pavillion, 59 Parkside Terrace, Barre, VT. Join our Meetup group for updates.


June 26, 2024

7:00 pm EDT

Civil Conversations. The Civil Conversations Club meets every other Wednesday online. We hold conversations with one another, using the Socratic method to have open-minded conversations so that both conversational partners learn.

Monday, June 17, 2024

7:00 pm EDT

Universal Shelter Group. We meet every other Monday at a member’s home in Jericho. We believe that housing is a fundamental human right. We are taking a course together: “Starting a Community” by the Foundation for Intentional Community.

Monthly on the Third Sunday, 11:00 am EDT: June 16, July 21, Aug 18

Secular Sunday Service. 11 am. All welcome. Third Sunday of each month . Hybrid in-person & online. June service at Burlington Media Factory in Burlington’s South End.

June: Environmentalism | July: Responsibility

Service after Service. 12 pm. June activity TBD. Potluck or Trash Pickup. All welcome. Meet at the Burlington Media Factory.

Our First Annual Fundraiser!

This has been a big year for The Humanist Being. In 2022-2023, we officially became a nonprofit religious organization, grew our online community to over 500 members all over the world, and are expanding our local presence in the State of Vermont.

The Humanist Being is launching its first annual fundraiser to celebrate our successes and work to make an even bigger impact in 2024 and beyond. And even better, all donations to The Humanist Being are tax-deductible.

Highlights of the year

Growing our Community

  • Secular Sundays. Secular Sundays provide an opportunity to gather, share stories and have fun.
  • Service after Service. After each service we serve the community with activities like providing free meals, etc.

Strengthening our Mission

  • Housing as a Right. The Board and volunteers at The Humanist Being are exploring models to help create affordable housing opportunities, including Intentional Communities.
  • When Humanists Attack. Since 2020, The Humanist Being has produced a fun and informative podcast called “When Humanists Attack”.

Building on our Success

  • Civil Conversations Club meets twice a month to learn and practice “Street Epistemology”, with participants from all over the world.
  • Monthly Online & In-Person Meetings.


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The Humanist Being is Founded


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Burlington Meetup Group and other Vermont Events. Street Epistemology (virtual) meetings.

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Secular Sundays, Universal Shelter Committee, Community Service, and more!

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